Custom Sewn Web Straps

SeamCraft has manufactured countless web strap products in our Chicago facility. These products ranged in size from restraints for small animals, to waist belts that accommodate wearable pouches, shoulder straps that help to carry bulky items, to 15 foot long safety tethers.

Custom sewn web straps were generally produced using polypropylene or nylon webbing from 3/4 inches to 2.0 inches wide of various colors, but mostly black for cost and availability reasons. Component hardware usually consisted of plastic or metal snap hooks, lock buckles, slides, rings, loops and release buckets. Further customization was achieved by adding shoulder pads, labels, tapes, grommets and special attachment holes.

Custom Web Strap Applications:

    Blood Pressure Recorders

    Hospital Mattress Retainers

    Construction Equipment

    Body Motion Analyzers

    Pet Surgical Restraints

    One Handed Tourniquets

    Photography Accessories

    Boat Mooring Harnesses

    Orthopedic Braces

    Nutrient Infusers

    Bike Safety Devices

    Canoe Cargo Storage

    Tree Stand Perches

    Med. Waste Disposal

    Battery Harnesses

    Soil Penetrometers

    Fire Fighting Gear

    Sport Skill Builders

    Harmonic Therapy

    Medicine Infusers

    Tree Wraps

    Pet Diapers

    Book Carriers

    TV Cable Carts

SeamCraft Web StrapsCustom Sewn Web Straps

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