Custom Sewn Pouches

SeamCraft has manufactured millions of custom sewn pouches for our customers. These items have ranged from pencil sized units for soil testing, to pocket sized blood pressure recorders, to lunchbox size auto jacks and gas analyzers.

They were generally produced using a strong medium weight nylon fabric, sturdy 3 ply laminates, as well as automotive carpet material. Closures were nylon zippers as well as flaps having snaps, buckles, ties, or hook and loop.

Web hand straps usually facilitated portability. Web belts or attached belt loops made them wearable. Often foam cushioning, inside lining, pockets, labels and printed customer logos were included.

Our custom sewn pouches include nylon, leather, and canvas materials to name a few. We offer over 30 different materials that we sew and use many different components.

Custom Sewn Pouch Applications:

    Blood Pressure Recorders

    Water Purifiers

    Wearable Medicine Infusers

    Cattle Inoculators

    Cable Ties

    Colonostomy Irrigators

    Process Controllers

    Auto Tools

    Construction Vehicles

    Nutrient Infusers

    Light Meters

    Railroad Electrical Testers

    Gas Analyzers

    Beer Tap Tools

    Transportable Compressors

    Tow Truck Controls

    Shop Tools

    Soil Penetrometers

Custom Sewn SeamCraft PouchesCustom Sewn Nylon Pouches

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