Designer face cover masks by SeamCraft

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Stay covered and look stylish with our face masks. Durable and washable. These masks are versatile and comfortable! Sewn of durable poplin with a soft poplin blend lining, our breathable masks have adjustable cotton elastic with a locking device that keeps the mask firmly in place. And the bendable wire sewn into the mask’s top provides a custom seal at the bridge of your nose. No gaps! No more foggy glasses!

SeamCraft Custom Industrial Sewing

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Since 1958, SeamCraft has resolved countless product utilization problems for other firms by supplying them with functional custom industrial sewing. Our custom industrial sewing output has also made many products operational by providing essential custom sewn components. We are a Chicago-based, ISO 9001 certified industrial sewing contractor serving over 30 industries. Our audited performance records exceed 98% on-time delivery and 99% customer quality acceptance. We are well prepared to serve your needs.
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