Custom Sewn Accessory Design

Implementing our successful procedures for creating functional custom sewn accessories would start with analyzing your wish to make your product more user friendly. This will likely have a focus on facilitating your product users ability to manipulate, carry, wear as well as protect your product.

No Drawing Required.
We ask that you provide for us:

  • A non-working sample of your item –or-
  • Photograph of it with dimensions –or-
  • A rough sketch and dimensions of what you need –or-
  • A sewn item similar to what you want or have used previously,
  • Lastly, an engineering drawing if one is readily available.

We would need potential yearly usage quantities as well as order quantities and an estimated delivery schedule.

Our design analysis procedure:

  1. Designs..

    that will solve your product utilization problems and be of optimum size, shape and cost.

  2. Materials...

    will be selected that will make the solution attractive, durable and functional.

  3. Communication…

    will be maintained throughout the development activity. Phone conversations with written confirmations, when needed, greatly accelerates the process. The ultimate design will meet our mutually finalized specifications.

  4. Your Approval….

    will be required of a Pre-Production sample prior to producing your order. It would include a SeamCraft applied logo should one be specified.

  5. Certified Procedures...

    that are to ISO 9001 standards will be employed to assure that SeamCraft will meet your quality and delivery requirements.