About SeamCraft Industrial Sewing

Early Years

In 1958 the company opened as Ajax Canvas Products, a storefront operation in a Chicago residential neighborhood. The principal product was custom canvas bags used by newspaper carriers throughout the Midwest. As the company grew, it leased factory space that previously housed Prohibition's largest distillery which was installed by Al Capone. The product line was expanded to include covers for typewriters, calculators, adding machines, copiers, and other business related items. In 1969 the company became Ajax Products and moved to its present location a few city blocks from historic Chicago Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium.

New Mission

Present ownership acquired the company in 1976, renamed it, and redirected the company focus toward providing custom sewn items for products made by other firms and to make their products "user friendly." SeamCraft designs and supplies custom sewn bags, pouches and soft cases for that purpose.

In addition, the company's custom design and industrial sewing capability has produced many unique essential sewn components that enabled customer products to become functional. They would become operational when these components were integrated into the items.


SeamCraft custom sewn items have successfully made such products "user friendly" as oximeters, tripods, infuser pain pumps, and trade show exhibits. The company's design and industrial sewing proficiency produced unique custom sewn components for products such as blood pressure machines, orthopedic braces, ergonomic aids and hospital bed scales. These products became operational when particular components became a part of the product.

Certified Performance

SeamCraft has served over 30 industries, supplied over 50 multi-national corporations and has worked with over 80 different fabrics and components. In 1999, SeamCraft received ISO 9001 certification, assuring that its operations are meeting world standards. Our performance record of over 98 percent on time delivery and over 99 percent product acceptance is audited twice a year by an outside ISO registration firm. SeamCraft is well prepared to serve your needs.