Custom Industrial Sewn Components

SeamCraft custom industrial sewn components has successfully designed and provided countless unique custom sewn components. The items were actually integrated into customer products, which made them operational.

Our custom sewing has included palm size inserts for sausage making devices, letter size sleeves for concrete testing, and pads for various orthopedic braces. Cuffs for blood pressure testing machines, vests for body motion analyzers and seven foot stretchers for hospital bed scales were also produced. They have also included a variety of web straps to help carry bulky items and carry 15 foot long safety tethers.

Fabrics used generally included a wide range of nylons, 3 ply laminations, and canvas. Closures and components also varied substantially. However, our site lists over 30 different materials that we sew and the many components that we use.

Industrial Sewing Applications:

    Body Motion Analyzers

    Blood Pressure Machines

    Orthopedic Braces

    Ergonomic Aids

    Automatic Pepper Mills

    Hospital Carts

    Concrete Casting Devices

    Voting Booths

    Photography Dryers

    Hospital Bed Scales

    Grain Harvesters

    Cycle Stereos

    Pet Surgical Restraints

    Seed Germinators

    Fibre Optics Installers

    Airplane Oxygen Systems

Custom Industrial Sewn ComponentsCustom Industrial Sewn Components

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